The Cosenza Exchange:Montalto Uffugo - Catasto of 1753 Vacarizzo

Catasto Onciario of Baccarizzo 1753

Thanks to Francesco Fullone, The Cosenza Exchange is proud to have the Catasto from Vacarizzo which was completed in 1753. These records will allow the descendants of Montalto to go back even further to research their ancestry. During the time period this Catasto was completed the frasioni of Vacarizzo was called Baccarizzo. If your wish to view the Catasto in it's original form you may view it here.

About Surnames in this Catasto

It is important to make a note about the surnames in this Catasto. There are a number of surnames in this Catasto that are spelled different than surnames in later years. For example, Leonetti is spelled Lionetti (there are also a few diLionetti names) in this Catasto. Some surnames have di or d' added to the beginning of the name. Names like Filippo can be diFilippo in this Catasto. Please check multiple spellings of the surnames you are searching for and check the index page for under the letter D to see if your surname had a d' or di during this time period. If the surname you are searching for begins with De like DeLuca, DeSeta, etc. you will find your ancestors under diLuca, diSeta, etc.

General Catasto

The first section of the Catasto is the general catasto. This includes normal households of Baccarizzo citizens who were born and living there.

Alphabetical Index of General Catasto