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Thanks to Francesco Fullone, The Cosenza Exchange is proud to have the Catasti from the Cosenza Province comuni of Montalto, Vaccarizzo, San Fili and San Vincenzo La Costa. I have created this index as an access point to all of them. There are citizens of many towns of Cosenza Province mentioned in each Catasto.

About Catasto Records

Cosenza Exchange has Catasto records from 4 different areas. The Catasto Onciario is a record done for taxation purposes. Each citizen living in the town at the time should be listed in these records. The information you can obtain from these records can vary by household, however, each person's name, age and relationship to the head of the household (Capo) is listed and families living together will be listed together. People living on property not owned by them should list the name of the property owner. Items on the property that had potential for earnings such as vineyards and olive trees will be listed as well as livestock they owned such as sheep. This information has not been extracted so if you do not understand Italian, I recommend you obtain a translator or post the document on an Italian Genealogy forum such as Gente di Mare for translation.

The Cosenza Province Archives has put the catasti records online. They put the images up for the majority of catasti records, however, these images have not been extracted. Francesco Fullone has extracted several comuni and we will be putting those extractions online here soon beginning with San Sisto.


I have created a brief list below of common relationships to the head of household to help you understand the extractions.

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