The Cosenza Exchange

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You will find an extensive collection of vital records of the residents of the various Comuni in Cosenza Province here.

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The Cosenza Exchange

San Fili World War I Casualties

San Fili StemmaI have been fortunate enough to have a friend who has done research in the Italian Military archives. He has compiled a list of all soldier's born in San Fili and Montalto Uffugo who died in service during World War I for me . The list is transcribed below. You may visit Riccardo at his website here. This page will provide a list of all soldiers born in San Fili who died in World War I. Other transcriptions done by Riccardo for other towns are located on the side bar of links.

Casualties in World War I: Other Towns

There are other towns in Italy that have records of soldiers who died during World War I. I have listed them here.

The List

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