The Cosenza Exchange

The Cosenza Exchange

World War II 1940-1945 Montalto Uffugo

The following is a list created by Carlo Nardi in 1953 of soldiers who lived in Montalto Uffugo who died or reported missing while in service during World War II. This list includes name of deceased soldier and his father's name. If you see a (fu) after the name of the father, that indicates he was deceased in 1953 when this list was created. My thanks to Francesco Fullone who supplied this list.

The List

Surname First Father Missing or Deceased
Arturi Luigi (fu) Carmine Died
Arturi Rocco (fu) Carmine Missing
Bruno Prietrangelo Antonio Missing
Ciancio Francesco Giuseppe Missing
Cesario Massimo Orlando died
Chiapetta Francesco Luigi Missing
Capparelli Eugenio Carmine (fu) Missing
Caputo Francesco Mariano Carmine (fu) Missing
Crivaro Antonio Enrico Died
Chiapetta Beniamino Salvatore Died
Cinicola Vincenzo none listed Died
Cioffi Luigi Salvatore (fu) Died
Calabrese Francesco not listed Died
Cinicola Luigi Francesco Died
Cannataro Giuseppe Francesco Died
Conforti Francesco Salvatore Died
Cosentino Eugenio Pietro Died
Corti Adolfo not listed Died
Calomino Emilio Raffaele Died
Covello Eugenio Francesco Died
DeLuca Francesco Giuseppe Died
DeLuca Gaetano Not listed Died
D'Acri Massimino Serafino Missing
D'Andrea Giuseppe Giovanni Missing
Drago Silvestro Not Listed Missing
DeRosa Giovanni Angelo Died
DeRango Francesco Raffaele Missing
Fullone Giuseppe Domenico Died
Fullone Oreste Giuseppe Missing
Federico Salvatore Angelo Missing
Foliero Emilio Giuseppe Died
Ferraresi Vito Not Listed ?
Fiore Emilio Luigi Died
Garrafa Emilio Not Listed Died
Guido Santo Luigi Died
Garrafa Ammirato Enrico Died
Garrafa Celestino Enrico (fu) Died
Giordano Francesco Pietro Died
Infusino Giovanni Salvatore Died
Ioele Luigi Giuseppe Died
LiPreti Pasquale Raffaele Died
Lucchetta Francesco Vincenzo Died
Leonetti Francesco Domenico Missing
Leonetti Oscar Stanislao Missing
LoFeudo Francesco Michele Missing
Moretti Michele Domenico Died
Muglia Vincenzo Vincenzo (fu) Missing
Marzano Pasquale Not Listed Died
Marchese Francesco Vincenzo Missing
Maiolino Michele Antonio (fu) Missing
Nicoletti Pierino Luigi Missing
Nigro Vincenzo Not Listed Missing
Ortino Raffaele Serafino Died
Palermo Luigi Costantino Died
Petrasso Ettore Raffaele Missing
Russo Raffaele Pietro Died
Riggio Pasquale Francesco Antonio Missing
Rende Domenico Antonio Died
Salituro Sante Michele Died
Salerno Fiore Saverio (fu) Missing
Speranza Giuseppe Angelo (fu) Missing
Speranza Giuseppe Giuseppe Missing
Santoro Rocco Enrico Died
Smeriglio Eugenio Gaspare Missing
Scaglione Rodolfo Domenico Missing
Salituro Santo Michele Died
Smeriglio Giovanni Carmine Missing
Tricoci Vincenzo Raffaele Missing
Taranto Giuseppe Angelo Died
Tricoci Ippilito Raffaele Missing
Trozzo Bruno Biagio Missing
Taranto Domenico Tommaso Died
Ventura Luigi Francesco Missing
Vetere Antonio Filippo Died
Ventura Giuseppe Antonio Missing
Veltri Eugenio Pietro Died