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Montalto Uffugo Atto di Morte

Here are the indexes for all the death acts in 1864 for Montalto Uffugo. On these indexes you can see the name of the deceased followed by their parents names and the name of their spouse if applicable. They also give the place of birth, profession and date of death. I hope to have copies of the actual acts here at some point in the future. For now, most of the pertinent data can be seen on the index. These indexes are not in alphabetical order.

1864 Death Acts
Atto 001-011 Atto 012-022 Atto 023-033 Atto 034-044 Atto 045-055
Atto 056-066 Atto 067-077 Atto 078-088 Atto 089-099 Atto 100-110
Atto 111-121 Atto 122-132 Atto 133-143 Atto 144-154 Atto 155-165

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