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Here are the extractions for the section of the Catasto called Vergini, Vedove e Bizzoche, or in English Virgins, Widows and basically unmarried women not living in a household with a man. This page is not in alphabetical order, but is in order of appearance so you can see who lived in the household together.

The Virgins and Widows section
Surname First Age Relationship Spouse Surname First name
Del Giudice Agata 90 widow Iemboli D. Pietro Francesco
Parise Anna 60 virgin None None
Parise Diana 50 sister None None
Parise Maria 43 sister None None
Vetere Agata 50 widow Marchese Alesandro
Mazzulla Anna 50 widow diSegno Leonardo
diSegno Giuseppe 14 son None None
diSegno Antonia 18 daughter None None
Belluscio Gelfidonaa 60 widow Mirigliano Leonardo
Marimonti Ippolita 56 widow Giunta Giuseppe
Not listed Angela 16 servant None None
Cortese Ursola 50 widow diMartino Domenico
Cortese Teresa 40 Nun None None
Cirella Vittoria 84 Nun None None
Saulini Lucrezia 33 ?? None None
Saulini Carmela 28 ?? None None
diPaula Pietro ?? son None None
Iemboli Honna 80 Widow diPaula Geronimo

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