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Santa Maria Della Neve Baptisms 1930-1932

On this page you will find the baptisms recorded that were done during the years from 1930 through 1932. The names and dates have been extracted from Latin for your convenience. These baptisms include the date of birth so unlike the other baptisms, the dates on this page represent the actual date of birth, not the date of baptism. They also include the father's name of the father, mother and Godparents. Unfortunately, I cannot fit all that information on this page so you have to click on the name to view the image.

Please note that some of the surnames have been put into their Latin equivalents. Click on the surname to see the original image which contains the parent's names and the Godmother or Godfather's names.

Date Surname Baby First Father Mother Mother Godfather Godfather Godmother Godmother
4 Jan 1930 Cavaliere Maria Palma Giuseppe LoFeudo Assunta Salerno Michele Pesce Concetta
5 Jan 1930Crivaro Antonio Emilio Frassia Maria Riso Francesco Lato Emilia
7 Jan 1930 Fullone Maria Eugenio Cribari Carmela None None Arturi Letizia
24 Jan 1930 Fullone Maria Giuseppe None None Fullone Gaetano Salerno Angela
7 Feb 1930 Porco Paolo Saverio Marchese Filomena None None Alfano Raffaella
9 Feb 1930 Fullone Adolfo Luigi Pesce Maria Pesce Filomena Pesce Angiola
14 Feb 1930 Riso Diego Francesco Giuseppe Saullo Maria Rosina Riso Francesco Zuccarelli Rosina
16 Mar 1930 Fullone Francesco Emilio Zuccarelli Aquila Crivaro Carmello None None
25 Feb 1930 Santoro Francesco Giuseppe Crivaro Cherubina Perri Antonio None None
8 Apr 1930 Coscarelli Cherubina Melina Gaetano Rubino Carmela Rubino Antonio Lato Antonio
9 Apr 1930 Coscarelli Giuseppe Francesco Pellegrini Emilia Santoro Giuseppe Calomino Grazia
27 Apr 1930 ?? Maria Concetta Achille Mengenia Rosina Simone Angiolina None None
19 May 1930 Riso Rita Francesco Riso Francesca Filippo Saverio Palermo Aquila
8 Jun 1930 Arturi Rosina Romilda Giuseppe DeLio Francesca Adelina DeLio Michele DeLio Gelsomina
12 Jul 1930 Iantorno Florina Maria Luigi Calomino Lucia Iantorno Pasquale Iantorno Angela
12 Jul 1930 Rinaldi Maria Giuseppe Leone Rosina None None Rua Filomena
15 Jul 1930 Crivaro Carmela Pasquale Pelligrino Rosina Trotta Francesco Crivaro Gelsomina
18 Aug 1930 Arturi Carmela Elena Francesco Iantorno Maria None None Caputo Carmela
3 Jan 1930 Leone Emma Maria Giuseppe Folino Divina Salerno Rocco Crivaro Concetta
10 Aug 1930 Cesario Michele Francesco Patmo Anna Lattaro Michele Pesce Concetta
18 Aug 1930 Arturi Carmela Elena Francesco Iantorno Maria None None Caputo Carmela
3 Jan 1930 Leone Emma Maria Giuseppe Folino Divina Salerno Rocco Crivaro Concetta
8 Aug 1930 Iantorno Maria Emilio Iantorno Divina Iantorno Vincenzo Greco Maria
16 Jul 1930 Caruso Camillo Fedele Francesco Cribari Maria None None Riso Carolina
14 Sep 1930 Venturo Luigi Enrico Carnivale Concetta Frassia Gennaro Carnevale Carmela
3 Jan 1928 Fullone Michele Alfredo Saullo Anna None None Salerno Adelina
7 Nov 1930 Rua Ettore Francesco Antonio Chimenti Angela None None Chimenti Rosina
14 Nov 1930 Marrelli Eraldo Francesco Giuseppe Riso Filomena Santoro Andrea Santoro Luisa
17 Nov 1930 Finesone Ida Maria Enrico Giordino Carmela Venturo Francesco LoFeudo Filomena
17 Nov 1930 Calomino Pietro Francesco Riso Maria Salerno Pasquale Salerno Concetta
16 Feb 1931 LoFeudo Francesco Emilio Pesce Ursola Folino Luigi LoFeudo Filomena
17 Nov 1930 Piardino Gaetano Zuberto Rissi Divina None None Santoro Maria
17 Sep 1930 DiLio Concetta Ursola Giuseppe Filippo Giulia Crivaro Carmello Fullone Angela
14 Feb 1931 Coscarello Ida Maria Francesco Pellegrino Emilia Pellegrino Salvatore Pellegrino Angelina
2 Jan 1931 Fullone Carolina Fiorina Giuseppe Cribari Maria None None DeLio Concetta
27 Feb 1931 LoFeudo Rita Emilio Lattari Aquila LoFeudo Giuseppe Calomino Divina
14 Mar 1931 Saullo Giuseppe Angelo Riso Filomena Cribari Francesco Saullo Angela
17 Apr 1931 Rua Fedele Alfredo Arturi Maria Arturi Giuseppe DeLio ?
11 Apr 1931 Rua Mario Francesco Alessandro Saullo Rosina Ranieri Giuseppe Taverna Maria
18 Feb 1931 Perri Emma Maria Giuseppe Saullo Raffaella none none Folino Luisa
16 May 1931 Salerno Filomena Giuseppe Crivaro Concetta Leone Giuseppe Folino Divina
10 Jun 1931 Coscarelli Carmela Giuseppina ? Cipolla Maria None None Crivaro Gelsomina
22 Jul 1931 Porco Alfredo Carmello Domenico Trotta Carolina Filippelli Umberto None None
4 Jul 1931 Mancuso Carmela Maria Grazia Giuseppe Fosianelli Vittoria None None Chimenti Teresina
16 Jul 1931 LoFeudo Domenico Giuseppe Calomino Divina LoFeudo Emilio Calomino Francesca
16 Jul 1931 LoFeudo Rosario Giuseppe Calomino Divina LoFeudo Michele Guido Rosina
10 Jun 1931 Fullone Raffaele Blasio Crivaro Divina Crivaro Pietro None None
12 Jul 1931 Riso Francesco Amodeo Pietro Napolitano Angela None None Riso Alimena Maria
7 Aug 1931 Salerno Maria Amalia Pasquale Salerno Rosa None None Riso Alimena Maria
16 May 1931 Crivaro Maria Francesco Arturi Letizia Ceci Mario Arturi Giovanna
27 Jul 1931 Guido Maria Giuseppe Venturo Raffaella None None Riso Alimena Serafina
22 Apr 1931 Lato Maria Carmela Eugenio Santoro Maria Rosa Santoro Giuseppe Santoro Luisa
22 Sep 1931 Crivaro Maria Concetta Francesco Salerno Maria Luiga None None Covello Concetta
5 Nov 1931 Visconti Pietro Francesco Vittorio Iantorno Maria None None ? Nina
8 Nov 1931 Filippo Oscar Davide Gesuele Salerno Teresa None None Molinari Adelina
30 Nov 1931 Coscarelli Ida Maria Enrico Cavalieri Maria Coscarelli Gaetano Rubino Carmela
8 Dec 1931 Cesario Michele Unknown Unknown Unknown Salerno ? Pesce Concetta
22 Dec 1931 Crivaro Lucia Pasquale Pellegrino Rosa None None Crivaro Filomena
18 Dec 1931 Crivaro Ida Maria Salvatore ?erco Filomena Coscarelli Gennaro Pellegrino Emilia
12 Sep 1931 DeLio Elsa Concetta Ursola Giuseppe Filippo Guilia Crivaro Carmelo Fullone Angela
14 Jan 1932 Iantorno Serafina Maria Antonio Coscarelli Assunta none none DiTommaso Rosa
28 Feb 1932 Nigro Carmine Francesco Petrasso Filomena none none DeSeta Carmela
9 Feb 1932 Nigro Francesco Eugenio Folino Carmela Novellino Giuseppe none none
20 Feb 1932 Astone Pietro Enrico Pietro Saullo Luisa none none Saullo Concetta
12 Mar 1932 Speranza Ida Francesco Sanna Carolina none none Nastruzzo Concetta
27 Apr 1932 Coscarelli Adelina Eugenio Rubino Carmela none none Rubino Rosa
12 May 1932 Iantorno Francesco Vincenzo Rocca Maria none none Aiello Angela
14 Jun 1932 Parisani Emilia Achille Muglia Rosa none none DeSimone Angela
10 Jun 1932 Riso Enrico Francesco Giuseppe Saullo Maria Rosaria Crisolzi Giacomo Fullone Maria
15 Mar 1932 Cesario Sarina Luigi Salerno Carolina none none Crinchieri Concetta
5 Sep 1932 Fullone Maria Concetta Francesco Santoro Concetta Elvira Crivaro Carmine Fullone Angela
17 Sep 1932 Fullone Concetta Emilio Zuccarelli Aquila none none Crivaro Carmela
19 Oct 1932 Pesce Elena Francesco Sanna Teresa none none Crivaro Rosaria
23 Oct 1932 LoFeudo Pietro Gaetano Raimondi Felice Crivaro Pietro Anagrafe Florinda
11 Nov 1932 Mingrino Orlando Giuseppe Fullone Emilia none none Cribari Maria
4 Oct 1932 Santoro Angela Giuseppe Cribari Teresa Crivaro Enrico none none
6 Nov 1932 Venezia Francesca Emilia Elena Luca Mauro Flora Mauro Gaetano Miceli Silvia
15 Nov 1932 Iantorno Antonio Vincenzo Giovanni Giardino Clorinda DeLio Luigi none none

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